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What is Adventure Team Latvia?

Adventure Team Latvia is an association that was founded in 2014 with intention to encourage moto adventure, tourism and competition as well as other moto engineering related sport and leisure possibility development in the Republic of Latvia and outside of it. It was also founded to popularize and evolve moto riding culture in Latvia and outside of it. Adventure Team Latvia aspires to unite likeminded with who to share adventures and challenges and encourage collaboration with other associations, organizations, foundations, moto clubs etc. in Latvia and outside of it. Association’s objective is to share the experience between members and everybody who thinks alike, to organize, support and popularize all kinds of traveling, it’s challenges and adventures. Adventure Team Latvia aims to support its members in matters that are related to accomplishing association’s goals; to organize and attend different events related to traveling and getting around, including international and local scale activities and competitions. Association intends to organize physical and mental ability recovery to improve public health. It also strives to promote and develop environmentally friendly international and local moto tourism and traffic. Adventure Team Latvia seeks to attract youth and others interested to moto sport and tourism as well as carry out different projects for public benefit.

Founder of Adventure Team Latvia Sandijs Hāns

Businessman and experienced motorcyclist. Has traveled Baltics, Russia, Mongolia, Europe, Asia by motorbike. Author, participant and organizer of Expedition “Riga – Magadan 2017”, founder of association “Adventure Team Latvia”.

Jānis Traubergs

Sports journalist and motorcyclist with more than 20-year experience. Has traveled North of Africa, Norway and Balkans by motorbike.

Significant expedition participant conclusions that can be helpful for everybody planning similar trips:

  • Sort out your professional and personal life before leaving for a long journey;
  • Choose your trip companions wisely! It is necessary to know your fellow travelers. Favor people who can bear complicated psychological situations, who are ready to solve any problem, so you could accomplish your shared goal;
  • Getting ready for the trip is the most critical stage of the journey. Bad preparation can be expensive and cause irreversible problems for the whole trip. Besides if one of the participants cannot continue the trip, it means that the journey is over for everybody.
  • It is important to understand that you will have to overcome yourself while facing different challenges, as well as to live without the amenities that you are used to;
  • Trust the people you meet, they will most certainly help you and recommend you things that will make the trip easier;
  • To avoid technical difficulties, do the regular motorcycle maintenance yourself because only the vehicles owner can now it best of all;
  • vThe best adventures happen spending time with locals, so enjoy the trip with them! The locals will show you the best spots and through them you will get introduced to country’s traditions and culture;
  • Enjoy the moment & say ‘yes’ to adventures!

Adventure Team Latvia team

Adventure Team Latvia regularly takes part in different enduro competitions