32nd & 33rd day of the trip. 13, 14 July 2018 Volgograd, Stupino, ~100 km from Moscow Russia

We got ready in the morning, had some tourist’s delight with some caviar in it (brought by Viktor) and after that we went towards Moscow. About 20 km from Volgograd we realized that we were missing one of the backpacks, so we went back to the city again. It looked like Volgograd did not want us to leave – this was the second time in this trip when we got back there. We had a system where we tried to drive about 200 km and then stopped to have some coffee, snacks, and do a little bit of stretching. In the last days we realized that on the road you have to be very careful with cars that had the area number 5 from Dagestan. They were taking vegetables to Moscow and always had overloaded Kamaz trucks. The legends were that when these trucks were put on weights, their total weight was approximately 80 t, which was far from officially allowed. We were not driving as fast as we thought we would – there were a lot of road repairs and police, of course . 😊We took a lunch break at 15:00, dressed down and rested for a bit. The temperature was getting more agreeable as we moved closer to North. Sandijs had already renamed his bike as Belarus, because every time we stopped, it left a puddle of oil. :/ When it got dark, we stopped driving and looked for a place to spend the night.

Today we drove 925 km (not taking into account the return to Volgograd).

We woke up on time, had some breakfast and continued to go in Moscow direction! To be honest, with some exceptions – the roads in Russia were very good. When we got closer to Moscow, we saw a few car crashes but with this kind of traffic that was no surprise. Our bottoms were sore due to the intense driving in the last few days, so we took a chance to stand on feet, when the speed was not so high. Also, we did not want to stop as much, so we could get our kilometres and get closer to the final destination. The drive from Latvia to Central Asia was pretty long, so maybe that was the reason why getting to the final destination was so hard. When we got to the border, there was a huge line in front of us (about 50-70 cars) and that made us worry that we won’t make it to home tonight. We asked around what is happening and it seemed that the Latvians were not letting anyone in. Apparently, this was the second time this happened this month. The first time was because Poland lost in football. Somehow we managed to charm the Russian custom officers and they let us in front of everybody and hooray! We were in Latvia. Latvian customs officers were wonderful, everything was happening quickly, we talked about life, wished good luck to one another and drove away in Jēkabpils direction. We crossed Russian and Latvian border in about an hour. The only thing that was kind of unnecessary was the paperwork regarding the goods that needed to be declared. Even though we did not have anything we still had to waste time and fill those papers out.

Finally the air temperature was normal. The thunder was roaring and we got to drive through the rain. This was the second time in the trip when we took out our rain gear. The road was wet and our tires were not so fresh anymore, so we had a few dangerous episodes but everything ended well and we continued to drive more carefully. We came home when it was already dark.

Today we drove some very long 1040 km.

After few weeks we will be rested. We will let all of the adventures sink in. After that we will start to put together our adventure in a video, so we could show it to you. Also, we will continue to write about our experience but in more detail. We wish to thank everyone, who followed our adventures, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for the support and encouragement. We will see you soon!

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